Reasons ellermannxputnam Workshops Are Next Level

At Ellermann, we’re all about elevated details. That’s why when it came to planning our ELLERMANN x PUTNAM & PUTNAM exclusive workshop series, we wanted to ensure students would experience luxurious, thoughtful elements at every angle.

Here, we share five ways we’re collaborating with our network of creatives and brands to raise the floral workshop bar to eloquent new heights. 


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1. Indulgent tea, treats and tipple   

Nana Chan, founder of charming contemporary tea house-slash-café Teakha, will be serving up her signature cold brew tea and homemade baked treats for an array of our workshops. Meanwhile, luxurious French champagne house Perrier-Jouët will keep the bubbles flowing freely throughout every session.


2. Hosts with the most

Curators of home and lifestyle products that enrich every day, get.give, lends their inspiring Wong Chuk Hang studio, agency and shop to host our workshops. Meanwhile, our site-specific installation session will be hosted at neo-Cantonese modern bistro Happy Paradise founded by award-winning chef May Chow.


3. A stylish place to call home

The Fleming – our partnering urban boutique hotel in the heart of Wan Chai  – will be offering exclusive offers and packages to overseas workshop students looking for accommodation during their stay in Hong Kong.


4. Exquisite props

Courtesy of Asia’s leading luxury department store Lane Crawford, 18th and 19th century-inspired tableware from French homeware brand Astier De Villatte will be used as complementary props during our Still Life Study Workshop and Bell Jar & Tablescaping Workshop.


5. Finishing touches with finesse

Anna Cennamo @extractionprojects – the creator of beautiful custom handmade stationary – will be supplying elevated place cards, papers and ribbons for each workshop, while modern calligrapher Joyce Chiang will be crafting minimalist yet elegant script.


Putnam & Putnam Hong Kong Exclusive Workshop

Forming a dream collaboration, we have teamed up with celebrated New York floral design duo Putnam & Putnam to offer a series of exclusive workshops.

With a knack for blurring the lines between flowers, fashion and art, founders Darroch and Michael Putnam’s elevated, densely layered aesthetic works in perfect synergy with Ellermann’s own Diane Nittke. 

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Together Putnam & Putnam and us curate a series of 7 workshops, from hand-tied bouquet to on-site installation.

A light selection of food will be served upon arrival along with tea, coffee and Perrier-Jouët Champagne. Each student will take home a personal floral toolkit. All student works will be photographed exclusively by Darroch from Putnam & Putnam and digital photos will be provided within 4 weeks of the workshop date for your portfolio.

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Did you forget Valentine’s Day?

If you’re reading this on February 14 – or worse, February 15 – and you’ve realised Valentine’s Day 2018 is now sailing into the distance, keep calm. It’s not Game Over just yet – here are three ways to salvage the romance when it’s too late to buy a gift. 

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1.    Plan a Valentine’s Day 2.0

After owning up with a sincere apology for missing the holiday, plot a new Valentine’s Day date in the diary – and this time make it an extra memorable one. From breakfast in bed, sending the most enviable flowers (we know just where you can get those!), to booking dinner at a restaurant that’s sentimental or your partner has been dropping hints about trying – go big.


2.    Write a handwritten love letter

In the age of emails and emoji-filled text messages, a good old fashion pen to paper love letter is a quick-to-create romantic gesture your partner will love – no credit card or trip to the shops necessary. All that’s needed is a little time and thought. Struggling to find the words? It might sound sombre, but imagining it’s your last day together can help give you some perspective on what’s important.


3.    Gift a series of I Owe You’s

Whip up a handmade IOU voucher offering a gift or experience your loved one can cash in at any time. Better yet? Fill up a jar with a dozen handwritten IOU vouchers with thoughtful dates and presents. (Depending on how extravagant you’re feeling while getting crafty, you might regret the generosity later – but we guarantee your partner will be thrilled!)

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When Nature Blooms

Drawing inspiration from one of nature’s divine creations – gemstones – to create When Nature Blooms.

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Our floristry team will be influenced by the mesmerising patterns, juxtaposing textures and intricate reflections of natural stones including glossy rocket red jasper and icy blue agate paired with sparkling flecks of metallic minerals. Throughout the year, get ready for an array of impressive collections filled with bouquets and plant arrangements that balance the durability of gems with the delicacy of flora, finished with a peppering of unique colours and unexpected details. 

Ellermann's Guide To Christmas Table Setting

In collaboration with Lane Crawford Pacific Place Home Store, Diane shares her top table-setting tips for the festivities ahead.

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Top Tips for a full table arrangement

Instead of using classic vases as vessels for the flowers, use tableware items such as jugs, teapots and mugs to create a painterly and artistic setting. "Lay them flat and let flowers ‘spill out’ creating arrangements that flow out and onto the table. To enhance classic Christmas colours, we also used John Derian paperweights and accessorised the table with baubles to give it an extra festive touch."

For big table settings, always keep in mind to have a variety of sizes and heights of arrangements so the florals are not too uniform but low enough so the guests sitting opposite each other at the dinner table can see one another. As for florals, anthuriums carry a meaning of hospitality so are the perfect choice for a festive dinner gathering.


Touch of florals for your afternoon tea party

“The inspiration behind this was taken from interiors and wallpapers. This is a more formal table setting juxtaposed with a bold print cloth and a loose posy arrangement for a modern and maximalist statement in one. The setting is opulent yet sophisticated and elegant with a quirky twist, making it a beautiful yet iconic setting.”


Top Tips

Don’t fear colour or bold and clashing patterns. It’s the little details such as adding handwritten calligraphy place cards or menus that will make it extra memorable. Use unconventional ingredients like pine cones to give your floral arrangements a twist.


Art Direction & Styling: Diane Nittke 

Editorial Content & Photograph: Lane Crawford

Christmas Collection 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Celebrate Christmas with florals that will make everyone drunk with joy!

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Christmas collection pictured (from left to right):

A True Christmas Tradition

With the help of goodies including brushes, gold ink, feathers, baubles, fairy lights and acorns, this gift set includes everything needed to personalise and decorate the Christmas tree. A perfect gift for someone who loves to get their creative juicing flowing – or a great excuse for getting all the family together.

Snowy Night

A pretty punch of purple and white blooms mix with fresh foliage to create a bouquet that will warm up the chilliest December nights. Arranged with a wild, spilling assortment of peony, ranunculus and sweet pea (symbolising romance, charm and pleasure), this powder-fresh bouquet carves a stylish statement this Winter.

Dancing Elf Wreath

This winter, decorate your home with a wreath as festive as it is fresh. Made with plenty of pretty blooms and lush foliage, this traditional finishing touch is the perfect addition to a door, window or any bare spot in your home that needs a little Christmas cheer.

Mid-Autumn Collection 2017

Destined to delight those who expect the unexpected. This year we have again partnered with Pierre Hermé Paris to include a selection of mooncakes created by the world’s most famous patissier.

Clients, friends, family and gourmands will equally appreciate this truly unique collection.

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Hampers pictured (Far left and Far right) 

The Crescent 

Includes an Autumn-toned flower bouquet and selection of four Pierre Hermé Paris mooncakes.

The Full Moon

Includes a Medium Autumn-toned flower bouquet in a vase and a selection of Pierre Hermé mooncakes and black tea.

Summer Collection 2017

Combining plenty of lush foliage and ferns with exotic blooms in vibrant mood-boosting colours, our Summer Collection is made with a far-flung tropical holiday in mind.

Be transported with foreign flowers including bright, glossy anthurium and quirky, attention-grabbing green cymbidium orchid. Consisting of three new bouquets, our limited-edition collection is the perfect accompaniment to a carefree, sunshine state-of-mind. Now, where’s that daiquiri?

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Bouquets pictured (from left to right): 

Pink Paradiso

Candy and pastel pink blooms mix with lush foliage and fern to create a summery bouquet that will instantly elevate any space – or person – into cheerful, holiday mode. 

Peach Cobbler

Fusing tropical hues including cantaloupe, peach and coral, this fresh and pretty bouquet is exactly what summer dreams are made of. 

Mint Mojito

Did somebody say mojito? This vibrant combination of lush foliage and sunshine-hued blooms is our favourite way to add a splash of tropical vibes into any space. 

The 7 Best Floristry Tips & Secrets

Trying to lift your green thumb game? We’ve got you. Ellermann’s florists each share their top hack for handling, caring for and creating beautiful blooms.

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1. Prick Your Tulips

“If your tulips are losing their lust too quickly, try prick a pin into the neck of each tulip to remove the bubbles in their stems. It’ll unblock the water passage, and keep them alive for longer.” – Nicole, Junior Project Florist


2. Never Underestimate Greenery

“My secret ingredient to creating the perfect bouquet is to look further than the leaves of cut flowers, and instead reach for lush green foliage from larger plants.” – Flora, Senior Florist


3. Don’t Overthink It

“Remember to trust your hands, eyes and gut when arranging flowers. Overthinking it is a surefire way miss the mark on creating a beautiful arrangement.” – Maggie, Principal Florist


4. No Foam? No Problem

“Trying to create a floral arrangement but don’t have any floral foam? Use plastic tape to create fine grids around the opening of a vase of pot, it’ll keep your stems staying put.” – Yan, Florist


5. Human Vices Are Flower Medicine

“Give your flowers a little extra life support with a few drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar daily. Don’t ask me how that works, but I swear by it!” – Louise, Florist


6. Don’t Drown Your Leaves

“Keep blooms looking happy for longer by removing any leaves that fall below the water line in your vase. It helps eliminate the growth of bacteria that would otherwise thrive.” - Cyan, Junior Florist


7. Flowers Drink More Than You Think

“It might seem simple but it’s often overlooked: The easiest way to keep cut flowers fresh is to change the water regularly. Flowers look much better for longer if they have enough fresh water drink!” – Zoey, Junior Florist

Mother's Day Collection 2017

Drawing from the principles of floriography, a language expressed using only flowers, our Mother’s Day 2017 Collection is filled with bouquets and hampers peppered with special meaning. Find a gift that symbolises just why you love her – whether it be a deep appreciation for her calming influence or the simple joy she brings to your life.

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Bouquets pictured (from left to right):

Pink Perfection 

For the mum that’s always thought of you as her pride and joy, give a gift that lets her know the feeling is mutual. Combining a happy swirl of ballet pink, soft lilac and sunshine-hued blooms, this bouquet symbolises the pride and appreciation of a mother’s unconditional love.

White Wisdom

Filled with white eustoma and caramel carnations, this combination of blooms symbolises the thoughtful and soothing characteristics of a mother. Our pick for the mum whose calming influence never goes amiss.

Purple Patience

This unruly, untamed bouquet of purple lilacs, roses, and carnations represents the loyalty and respect a child feels towards their mother. Our pick for the mum in which loyalty runs deep – and who’s secretly a little wild at heart.


Are you sending the right message?

Grown for its intense fragrance and beautiful blooms, today there are more than a thousand varieties of lilacs. Brought to Europe from Turkey, the shrubs eventually found their way to the gardens of early American settlers, who expanded the flower’s colour range into a rainbow that includes purple, magenta, and baby blue.

Read on to discover the hidden meaning behind each colour – it’ll make you think twice before sending your newly single best friend white lilacs.

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WHITE: Purity

Meaning: These pristine flowers communicate the purity and innocence of youth.

Perfect Match: An angelic soon-to-be bride.


MAGENTA: Lust For Live

Meaning: Deep pink is associated with passion, love and the exhilaration of being alive, especially after surviving a harrowing experience.

Perfect Match: A loved one with a new lease on life.


LAVENDER: A Mother’s Love

Meaning: Pastel purple is associated with one’s first love or the instant love a mother feels when she meets her child for the first time.

Perfect Match: Your darling mum.


DEEP VIOLET: Spiritual Awareness

Meaning: Not to be confused with lavender or purple lilacs, the deepest violet lilacs reflect a concern or intuition regarding spiritual mysteries.

Perfect Match: The caring grandma that never misses a thing.


BABY BLUE: Happiness & Tranquillity

Meaning: As well as the more obvious association of a baby boy, pastel blue signals pure joy and tranquillity.

Perfect Match: Every time…It’s a boy!


PINK: Love & Strong Friendships

Meaning: Not just for love, this pretty hue is also symbolic of true, lasting friendship.

Perfect Match: Your oldest, dearest friend.  

Spring Collection 2017

Spring is in the air, and this season of new beginnings brings with it a brand new collection of fresh buds and beautiful blooms. Three lush bouquets in the refreshed Spring Collection focus on green hues to celebrate the arrival of this most uplifting time of year, with the cheerful tulip taking centre stage.

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Bouquets pictured (from left to right):

Perfect Blush

Alluring peach and soft pink flowers take centre stage in this elegant bouquet, designed to convey love, patience and affection with delicate hues and an uplifting, sweet fragrance.

Eternal Promise

Spring holds the promise of fresh starts and the joy of excitement for the future. Express the fervour of desire with this delicate bouquet, which features fragrant white hyacinth to signify young love and striking white anemone to express ardent anticipation.

First Light

This charming arrangement features yellow narcissus to sing of vitality and yellow dancing lady orchid to represent friendship and new beginnings.

valentine’s day collection 2017

Especially for February 14th, we have created the Valentine’s Day collection, which features a curated selection of posies, bouquets and gift sets, each bearing a secret meaning for your Valentine to uncover.

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Bouquets pictured (from left to right) are our bouquets Deep Desire, Sweet Affection and Love in Bloom.

The Secret Language of Flowers

How to use blooms to make a bold declaration - no words necessary

Creating a language without words is an art in itself. Flowers have carried meaning throughout history – Romans honoured their heroes with laurel wreaths and Shakespeare’s Ophelia told of the herbs and flowers she bore in her arms – but it was the Victorian era that ushered in strict codes of etiquette, frowning upon wanton displays of affection. In turn, secretive messages were sent through the art of floriography, a language expressed using only flowers.

Today, in a world where bold declarations can still be hard to brave with words, why not get your message across with a bouquet of blooms that speaks for you?

Here, we take you through the meanings and origins of nine of our favourite flowers – and suggest the perfect occasion to send each.  

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Rose = Love

Whether with ancient Greeks, Romans, Christians or Freemasons – the rose has been a timeless symbol of love for hundreds of years.

Perfect for: Reminding your long-term partner that they’re still the one.


Tulip = Declaration of Love

The humble tulip symbolises an undying love, whether spurned or returned. According to Persian legend, a prince used red tulips to declare his love for a maiden when she was killed.    

Perfect for: Letting your secret crush know your true feelings.  


Lilac = First Emotions of Love

During the Victorian era, a lilac was given to remind someone of first love emotions. The name lilac is said to originate from a Greek mythology tale of Pan, the god of forests, whose love was so strong that a nymph turned into a lilac bush to hide from him.

Perfect for: Reconnecting with an old flame or first true love.


Daisy = Innocence

In Norse mythology, the daisy symbolises Freya – the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. In turn, daisies have become a badge of innocence, purity and new beginnings.

Perfect For: Congratulating a friend on her pregnancy or newborn.


Hyacinth = Please Forgive Me

According to Greek mythology, a young man called Hyacinthus was accidentally killed by a Greek god, and the flower hyacinth was named in his honour. Today, the bloom is a symbol for sorrow and forgiveness.

Perfect for: When you’ve acted thoughtlessly and are searching for forgiveness.


Ranunculus = Charm & Attractiveness

Sometimes referred to us a buttercup, the ranunculus symbolises charm and attractiveness. Not just beautiful, the flower also boasts brains thanks to its medicinal properties.

Perfect for: Boosting a friend’s confidence by letting them know you think they are charismatic, beautiful – or both.


Astilbe = I Will Be Waiting

This romantic feathered-flower has become synonymous with patience and dedication to a loved one since the Victorian era.

Perfect for: Reminding a long-distance lover you’re in it for the long haul.


Carnation = A Mother’s Love

Originating from the belief that carnations first sprung from Virgin Mary’s tears, the flower became the symbol of a mother’s undying love.

Perfect For: Showing your mum that you love her, especially on Mother’s Day.


Hydrangea = Thank You

The meaning of the hydrangea can be traced back to an old Japanese fable in which an emperor used the flower to thank a maiden. Today, the bloom is most commonly linked to apology and gratitude. 

Perfect For: Asking someone for forgiveness or reconciliation.


We’re celebrating this secret language through a series of seasonal floral collections that each bear a different hidden meaning throughout the year.

Keep an eye out – we have plenty more inspirational secret messages to come.